The final result
  • <h4>The final result</h4>
  • <h4>My Dancelli MTB from the &#039;90</h4>
  • <h4>Unused since 15 years</h4>
  • <h4>A lot of dirt</h4>
  • <h4>15 years of dust</h4>
  • <h4>Start the disassemble</h4>
  • <h4>Cleaned up a bit</h4>
  • <h4>More cleaning</h4>
  • <h4>Every pieces pulled apart</h4>
  • <h4>Start the reassemble process</h4>
  • <h4>My two personal helpers :)</h4>
  • <h4>Restoring the rear wheel</h4>
  • <h4>Rear wheel after two hours of cleaning</h4>
  • <h4>Rear derailleur in pieces</h4>
  • <h4>So many pieces in the gearshift levers</h4>
  • <h4>Restoring the original saddle</h4>
  • <h4>The final result</h4>
  • <h4>The final result</h4>

Mountain bike renovation

Photos from the renovation of my Dancelli bike from the '90

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